Everyday I’m Hustlin’

Or in my case… struggling’.

Life is full of ups and downs and this year has been no different. I started the 2014 year / finished my first year of the Product Design degree with my highest grades ever. Then I busted my butt all summer in an attempt to earn enough money for tuition and the looming mortgage. Then my partner and I moved into our first apartment. It’s been such an exciting adventure together! Then the school fall semester started, I was feeling good. Then I had my thirtieth birthday and the accompanying quarter life crisis. Happy to finally know who I am and have confidence in that, it’s just really a trip to be the big three oh. Then school started to get political and the classes frustrating. Now I’ve been debating leaving school since the beginning of October. Those in my inner circle have convinced me to finish the semester and I will. But to what end? And I have no answers. Really looking forward to finishing the semester and hopefully passing all my classes. I need to spend some time in the mountains to: a) decompress, b) reassess my educational path, and c) decide if this program will even prepare me for a career in the soft goods industry.

The break can’t come soon enough!!


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