Project 3

The proposed site I visited and researched is the Capilano Salmon Hatchery, located off of Capilano Road in North Vancouver. The area is used to showcase and educate visitors on the unique and delicate salmon species. Set next to the Capilano River in the Capilano River Regional Park, the location is tranquil and picturesque. The attraction has over 300,000 visitors annually and admission is free. Visitors are all ages and from all over, including local residents. The hatchery hosts an interpretive centre and self-guided tours plus direct viewing access to the exciting fish ladder in the observation gallery. The already present structures are the fish hatchery itself and some covered picnic areas in the park. The primary demographic I want to interact with my installation is all users to the hatchery and park. I hope that all 300,000 visitors will have a chance to observe and/or interact with my proposed installation at some point during their visit. The space was built in 1971 to help rebuild and strength the salmon stocks that were negatively affected by the building of the Cleveland Dam. The space has been and is currently used to help improve local salmon stocks and to educate the public on the delicate ecosystem and the environment. I visit the park and hatchery about 6-8 times per year and always enjoy my time spent there.

The specific proposed location for my installation
The first views of the Capilano River and dam
The entrance sign to the fish hatchery
Map of other fish hatcheries in the Lower Mainland
An overview of the observation area
A view into the rearing ponds
A Blue Heron watches for lunch
Walking path beside the hatchery (to the left), the river is on the right
Salmon climbing the fish ladder
A beautiful view upstream
Viewing the dam and downstream
Overview of proposed location and surrounding area
Sunshine peaks through the moss covered trees



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