Subject of Interest: Burton x BIONIC® 3L snowboard pant

BIONIC® Yarn has partnered with Burton Snowboards toproduce a seven piece collection. Using recycled plastic bottles, BIONIC® Yarn incorporates 40-45 percent recycled content and is up to 400 percent stronger than traditional thread. It is the first high-performance eco-thread, is a new technology in manufacturing thread, and represents the fourth-generation yarn structure in the history of commercial textile production. The proprietary fabric company, BIONIC® Yarn, is headed by Tim Coombs and Tyson Toussant, and Pharrel Williams (celebrity, musician, producer and artist) is the creative director. The advanced yarn upgrades durability, strength, and has a refined feel to the fabric surface. BIONIC® Yarn is an environmentally responsible solution, which is strong, resilient, beautiful. The yarn is already being used in luxury goods, outerwear, apparel, footwear, luggage, bags, and furniture. Making Bionic Yarn is a three-step process. First, the plastic bottles are melted and extruded into tiny fibers. Second, the fibers are spun together into what’s called a “core-yarn.” Third, a “helix” is wrapped around the “core-yarn” to form a protective outer layer. This process creates a thread capable of transforming society’s plastic waste into high performance andluxury fabrics. This product is relevant and interesting because the world population creates tones of plastic waste each day and our recycling facilities are not adequate to deal with the volume. BIONIC® Yarn is also much stronger than regular thread because of the way it’s made.Pharrell-Talking-About-Bionic-YarnBurton 3L pantBionic Yarn


One thought on “Subject of Interest: Burton x BIONIC® 3L snowboard pant

  1. Wow! Awesome! Never heard of like this before! Good to know that even fabric clothes has evolved for something to make a change! Very Eco-friendly and I think it works better as waterproof. Good job! 😀

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