How cool is this?!?!? Makani Airborne Wind Turbine

Makani Power has been in the news recently because Google recently acquired the company. Makani is a technology company that generates power through wind turbines attached to robotic kites. They are located in San Fransisco, California. Makani has created and completed the first first fully autonomous flight of a kite power system. The flying generators work by: the kite flies in a circle, off nothing more than lift and wind, and uses that motion to push air over its propellers, which in turn generate electricity. The energy is then transmitted down a tether attached to a landing station, dubbed the “spar buoy.” The company is claiming that their technology generates more energy than conventional turbines and costs less to construct. Google bought the company because they used a huge amount of electricity and are often criticized for the amount of fossil fuel it uses. Google is always looking for new kinds of renewable energy sources and invests heavily in the new equipment. I think its very exciting and thought-provoking that efficient, futuristic renewable energy harvested by flying robots that is actually feasible. This is important to me because I live on the planet Earth and I believe we need to find more sustainable energy production methods if we plan to continue living here (which I do plan on doing for a very long time).


One thought on “How cool is this?!?!? Makani Airborne Wind Turbine

  1. I am planning to continuing living here too, hahaha that was so funny. But being serious, it is a interesting new model to take energy of the wind, i had not heard about it before.

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