How cool is this?!?! Cardboard Products

How cool is this?!?!

Paste Magazine has compiled a list of some pretty neat items made from cardboard (and one from chipboard). You can purchase a few of the items but why not try making your own? Another model making project for DEPD1100 was to make something out of cardboard. After trying to make a helicopter and not being stoked by the results (and then a running shoe), I was inspired by this posting to make a 1:1 model of a GoPro HD videocamera-Generation 1. I was much happier with those results and will share later. I found the cardboard (I used the thin, flimsy, non-corrugated version) was hardier to use, in the future I’d like to use it for specific shapes. I’m going to try making something out of corrugated cardboard and see if I like that type of board better. Check out the link below, I hope you’ll be inspired to create something fun!


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