Project 1: Discovery & Interpretation

I decided to design a bag for paraplegic wheelchair users because I was enraged when a friend who is mobility impaired told me that his bag is often either stolen completely or the contents taken. Why is there not a better option for this demographic?!?!?! To narrow the scope of the project, I originally was going to design a bag for his occupation as a photographer. Correspondence with him led me to realize that this bag is not his main area of concern. So if he is happy with his photog bag, let’s work on the bag he is concerned about because this bag is for him and fulfilling his needs. He explained that thieves would take advantage of him when he was taking public transportation and travelling on sidewalks. During our telephone conversations, he related the major flaw with the bags he uses are: they are regular backpacks (not ones specifically for wheelchairs) so they are not secured to the chair or him, and that the bags are behind him.

We brainstormed together for some alternative ideas to the standard backpack. We began to collaboratively design think and after some research of existing designs, came up with some sketches.


We based our designs on welder sleeves.



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